Renaissance Massage

Each Renaissance massage uses a variety of techniques, as well as trigger point Therapy, when needed, along with hot towel Therapy to provide ultimate relaxation and/or relief from muscle pain and tension.

30 MINS. $35
60 MINS. $60
90 MINS. $85
120 MINS. $115

Therapeutic (Deep tissue) Massage

Intended for treatment on a specific or targeted area(s) (i.e.: shoulder, neck, back, hip, etc) Helps relieve pain, reduce stress and muscle tension. Specific techniques applied with the correct amount of pressure, help address intended areas of pain.

30 MINS. $40
60 MINS. $70
90 MINS $95


Perfect for the “Mommy to be” at least 16 weeks or greater in pregnancy. This session designed to focus on a particular area of concern (upper body:neck/shoulders/back OR lower body; low back/hips/legs/feet)

45 MINS. $50
75 MINS. $80
90 MINS $95

Revitalizing Facial/ Sinus Massage

 A 30 minute massage focused on the sinus cavities and face/neck. Warm towels infused with essential oils help to assist the clearing of sinus passages & help alleviate sinus pressure, pain/headache. The best treatment to have you feeling your best and healthy again.

30 MINS. $30

Add Ons

Refreshing Facial – 20 MINS. $15
Invigorating Scalp Massage – 15 MINS. $10
Recovery Foot Treatment – 20 MINS. $15

Think massage therapy is just for the spa?

Evidence shows it works faster than standard medical therapy for relieving back pain.