Take your facial muscles to the gym without breaking a sweat!

Aging faces have something in common: loose, relaxed muscles and an increase in wrinkles and folds.

This is what gives them the “aged “ look: the muscles under the skin and the jowls of the face droop, losing their tone and firmness.

It’s a battle that gravity may be winning against your face – until now. Now you can defy the effects of aging on your face with MicroCurrent.

Think of it as fitness for your face.

What is MicroCurrent?

MicroCurrent is a treatment that firms and tones the skin by re-educating the muscles through low levels of electrical current similar to the electrical impulses your own body produces.

During the MicroCurrent treatment, we are able to manipulate 32 different facial muscles to lift jowls, decrease wrinkles, subtly lift the eyelids, tighten and firm the skin and restore a more youthful appearance.

As 2 wands are gently passed over your face, the muscles are strengthened and your body is stimulated to produce higher levels of collagen and elastin, each of which aid in plumping and smoothing the skin. MicroCurrent lifts and sculpts the face while retraining the muscles.

How does the skin respond to Microcurrent?

Softening of the nasial-labial fold and smile-lines

Subtle lifting of the eyelids that droop with age

Smoothing of the eye area

Lifting and firming of muscles aong the jaw line and neck area

Minimizing of the jowls

Overall contours of the face appear youthful

Improvement in facial muscle tone

Skin is hydrated and revitalized

Am I a candidate for the Microcurrent Face Lift?

YES, if…

you are concerned about increased wrinkles and signs of aging

you do not like the idea of injectable cosmetic enhancement

you do not want the downtime and risk of surgery

you would like a great all-over result of youthful radiance

you are interested in a long term goal of firmer tighter skin

you have a special occasion and would like to improve the overall appearance of your skin


What are the benefits of MicroCurrent?

Improves facial muscle tone

Tighten and firms the skin

Enhances the condition, color and overall health of the skin

Lifts eyebrows

Lifts jowls

Firms muscles in the neck area

Enhances the absorption of water-based skincare products

Reduces eye bags

Minimizes smile-lines

Smooths wrinkles around the eyes

Increases elastin

Improves circulation by increasing the number of blood vessels

Thickens the connective tissue

Improves lymphatic drainage

Reduces irritation, inflammation and thickness of scar tissue

Creates glowing skin