Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself. Eating a balanced diet and exercising is not enough, visiting a spa near you for a full body massage, waxing and hair removal treatments, and other beauty services always help you feel and look your best.



Brazilian Wax $65+
Bikini Wax $35+
Full Leg (Soft Wax) $85
Upper or Lower Leg (Soft Wax) $45
Bikini Wax with Full Leg $110+
Bikini Wax with Upper Leg or Lower Leg $75
Brazilian Wax with Full Leg $140+
Brazilian Wax with Upper or Lower Leg $100+
Full Stomach Wax $25
Back Wax for Women $30
Buttocks, Patches or Lower Back Wax $20
Brow Wax $12
Lip or Chin Wax $12
Face Wax (Includes Brows) $40
Full Arm Wax $45
Half Arm Wax $30
Under Arm Wax $25
Nose, Nipple, Ears, Hand or Happy Trail Wax $10



Brow Wax $13
Nose or Ears $12
Chest & Back Wax Combo $97+
Chest Wax $45+
Back Wax $60+
Half Back or Stomach Wax $25
Upper  or Lower Arms $30+
Full Arm 55+
Mens Full Leg $85+

Our waxing solutions::

Every woman desires to have skin that is as soft and glossy as that of a baby. Even if facials and skin care products can do the trick, adding waxing into your beauty routine will give you the smooth skin you're looking for. A health spa like ours offers professional hair removal waxing services that are unlike any other.

We are safe::

We provide stripless (hard) and strip (soft) treatment services using modern Professional Hygienic and Disposable systems. You can be absolutely sure of maintenance of hygiene.